Silvertip Sport and Promotions offer excellent customer service and quality in their products. Shyloh and Barry have been very attentive to our needs. Our staff love the garments”

Grant Therrien,
Director, STARS Air Ambulance

We at Brandon First have worked with Silvertip Sport and Promotions for several years. They have completed a number of projects for us recently with which we have been extremely satisfied. Their quality of work is second-to-none and they are always willing to work with us to provide us with the best possible price. This is really important to us a not-for-profit organization. Silvertip allows us to have high quality promotional items at a price point that fits our budget. Barry and Shyloh have always treated us with respect and courtesy, their customer service is exemplary.

Brandon First,

We at Peak Performance and Athletics cannot thank the wonderful staff at Silvertip enough for their extreme professionalism and attention to detail when producing our Performance-Wear line. The speed of service and friendly nature of the business made the experience an absolute pleasure. Thank you all very much!

Rodman Batson,
Owner, Peak Performance and Athletics