So you're a Business...

At Silvertip we work with many different companies, who have many different needs. We can create a custom docket of products tailored to your wants. Whether you need uniforms, corporate giveaways, name tags, staff appreciation gifts, or corporate wear...we have apparel and products to fit all budgets and all workplaces (from offices to hard hats).

Take a peek below at some of the facts, whether you are a new business or have been around the block...Custom products and apparel will give you much more bang for your buck than traditional advertising.

Top 9 Products for Business Giveaways

Disadvantages of Traditional Advertising

Every year you are faced with determining which medium is the best to advertise and promote your business and its respective products and services. The advertising and promotions you use are very unique to your business. Let’s review the disadvantages of traditional advertising:


Provide little demographic selectivity and are difficult to stand out among all those black and white pages

Radio Ads

Have no visual experiences, leaving the listener to imagine what the products/service looks and feels like

Outdoor Media

Is a one-shot deal and either makes it or breaks it. Since drivers speed by countless billboards, it is very difficult to create an ad that attracts a person within seconds and maintains their interest for further interest.

Direct Mail

Can be annoying and are usually thrown out before even getting a second glance.

Television Ads

Are shown during breaks of TV shows, which is typically the time viewers get up to snack or take a bathroom break. These are also generally 30 sec ads that get lost amongst the commercial clutter.

Internet Ads

Rely heavily on “click-through”; a person must click on the ad in order to receive any information.

Marketing with Promotional Products

If you have been disappointed with your return on investment on some of these traditional forms of advertising consider developing your next marketing campaign around Promotional Products:

Focus on the Target Audience
Low Expense
Engages Multiple Senses
Stands Out
Long Useful Life
Gifts/Awards have Special Meaning

Start a Promotional Product Campaign

Promotional products offer high demographic selectivity in a way that the senders know exactly who the target is for their products. Since they are not sent out on a regular basis, consumers are relatively surprised when they receive a unique product.

Promotional products also offer an advertisement that lasts as long as the product itself – no one would throw out a pen with an ad on it if it was still usable. The visualization of the product is at the receiver’s hand will bring a positive picture and message of the advertised product to the viewer’s mind. Spending time with Silvertip Sport and Promotions to assist you with the development of a specific campaign using products to call your audience to action can result in responses rates that are more than three times more effective in than the forms of advertising and promotions you have used in the past.